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Learning About Seeds

Scooter is studying Exploring Creation with Botany from the Apologia Elementary Science series. I mentioned that my baby girl started kindergarten this year, and she is doing the Astronomy book from the same series. I rather love the Astronomy book, but unfortunately, I found the Botany book a bit difficult to slog through when I […]

Solar System Song

Surprise! I’m posting on my blog! It’s been way too long. I decided that maybe I could sneak in a post, but only because this is a really easy one.

My youngest is studying Apologia Astronomy. This is my second time through this book, but I don’t mind, because I have to admit that it […]

Albert Einstein

Learning about Albert Einstein is one of the assignments in the Noeo Physics 1 curriculum. The book that comes with the curriculum is Did it Take Creativity to Find Relativity, Albert Einstein? Unfortunately, we found the book to be too dry, so decided to find a different one. Since we wanted to start reading right […]

George Washington Carver

Ace has fallen in love with audiobooks. Can’t blame him, I rather love them myself. It allows for him to “read” books that are considerably beyond his reading level, without my having to sit down. Of course, I still take time to sit and read, but the boy has been listening to audiobooks […]

Force and Motion Lapbook

For science, Ace and I are doing the Noeo Science Physics I curriculum. This curriculum was written specifically for homeschoolers, grades one through three. So far, we are enjoying it. It pulls together several different books both on science and biographies on scientists. This curriculum includes Young Scientist Club Kits for experiments. I really like […]

“Origins” Lapbook by Ace (Age 8)

Here is the third and last lapbook on Origins. This one is by Ace.

If you’d like to see the sources that we used for these mini-books please see my previous post. All of the writing in this lapbook was dictated to me by Ace, but he did all the fancy designing and coloring in […]

“Origins” Lapbook by JD (Age 11)

Here is the second lapbook on Origins. This one is by JD Boy.

If you’d like to see the sources that we used for these mini-books please see my previous post. JD Boy designed his own cover. JD wrote in some of his books and he dictated for me to write in some, but all […]

“Origins” Lapbook by Zippy (Age 14)

I decided that I’m going to share one lapbook a day from our origins study. We will start with my oldest’s lap book.

As you can see, washi tape was popular for this project. You will see it on all three lapbooks. The kids said they won’t use it again because it curls so bad, […]

How It All Began Unit

We recently finished a unit on how life began. We had been studying ancient history for awhile, but had skipped over the prehistory sections, but I decided that for my older two children, in particular, it was time to address the theory of evolution. So we backed up and discussed some of the early chapters […]

Cell Anatomy

Have I mentioned before that I love the Exploring Creation Series by Jeannie Fulbright? This year, we are using two books from that series. The boys are doing Zoology 1 – Flying Creatures and Zippy is doing the Anatomy and Physiology book. I wasn’t completely sure about doing two books, but it is working quite […]