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“Origins” Lapbook by Ace (Age 8)

Here is the third and last lapbook on Origins. This one is by Ace.

If you’d like to see the sources that we used for these mini-books please see my previous post. All of the writing in this lapbook was dictated to me by Ace, but he did all the fancy designing and coloring in […]

“Origins” Lapbook by JD (Age 11)

Here is the second lapbook on Origins. This one is by JD Boy.

If you’d like to see the sources that we used for these mini-books please see my previous post. JD Boy designed his own cover. JD wrote in some of his books and he dictated for me to write in some, but all […]

“Origins” Lapbook by Zippy (Age 14)

I decided that I’m going to share one lapbook a day from our origins study. We will start with my oldest’s lap book.

As you can see, washi tape was popular for this project. You will see it on all three lapbooks. The kids said they won’t use it again because it curls so bad, […]

How It All Began Unit

We recently finished a unit on how life began. We had been studying ancient history for awhile, but had skipped over the prehistory sections, but I decided that for my older two children, in particular, it was time to address the theory of evolution. So we backed up and discussed some of the early chapters […]

Henry Doorly Zoo

This is one of those very much over due posts, but it’s still fun to look back at some of the things that we have done. Here is a photo collection from our visit to the Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium in Omaha, Nebraska, which, mind you, is one of the best zoos on the […]

Three year-old PE

Even my three year-old likes to do PE, especially push-ups. In fact, she’s better at it than her mom, but that’s beside the point. PE is for kids, right?

(If you are subscribed to my blog, the videos don’t go through to email, so you’ll have to click on the link, so you can […]

“G’tums” is Now “Ace”

Well, time is marching on and kids are growing up, and one of my kids does not like the nickname that I have been calling him on my blog, so he has renamed himself. He will no longer be G’tums, which was an abbreviation of a real nickname that I called him. He has been […]

Summer Recital

Three of my kids are now taking instrument lessons. All three are taking piano and two are also taking violin. Here are just a whole bunch of videos from their summer recital.