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Train Tot Lapbook

The littlest member of my family is always wanting to "do school". He enjoys it more than anybody in the house, I think. He’s so anxious to grow up! (But I’m not anxious for him to grow up.)

This morning I asked G’tums what was his plan for today and he told me that he […]

Tulip Festival

We were very privileged yesterday to visit the Tulip Festival in Mt. Vernon, Washington. It is the first time we’ve ever gone and we were not disappointed. There are over 700 acres of tulips there. What beauty! Here are just a few pictures.

A picture of our family after we walked around one field […]

Blue birds and Bluebirds

Today we did a little more studying about blue birds and bluebirds! That was the second Bird challenge on the Outdoor Hour. Actually it was Jays and Bluebirds, but I thought my title was catchy.

We were able to see bluebirds really well at the grandparents’ house this past weekend and today we read about […]

Old Fashioned Money–Beads

We recently had lots of fun tying math in with our history lesson. It came at just the right time for us too, because two oldest kids were tired of their math books and I was looking for some ways to use some things around the house to teach math concepts and give them a […]

Dipped Candles

One of the fun ways of learning something is doing it! I guess that’s obvious. We’ve been learning about Colonial life and the establishment of the Thirteen Colonies. And we just finished a fun project the way that the Colonists did it. We made dipped candles with beeswax. Fun! Fun!

I purchased a […]

Robins & Housefinches Nature Study

We’re really excited that the Outdoor Hour Challenges right now are about birds. Birding and learning about birds is one of our favorite things around here. In fact, in a few weeks, we’re heading to a bird sanctuary for a few days to see what we can see. Can’t wait!

This weekend we spent […]

Spring is here?

I’m so ready for spring and summer. I must have cabin fever. Just two days ago we woke up to snow on the ground. Even the kids were disappointed. I woke the kids up and said, "I have a surprise for you!" JD Boy went to the window and groaned, "Oh no. Not again. I’m […]

Penguin Lapbook

We were so busy during the Children’s Bible Class that I posted about before, that we had a hard time keeping up with everything. So one morning I said to the kids, let’s do something on a preschool level that we would all enjoy. John Deere Boy came up with this idea and it was […]

Children's Bible Class

I said I had a lot to share, so I’d better get started. I wanted to share about our Children’s Bible class that we just finished. We had so much fun and learned a lot too….especially me, because I was the teacher! We held our meetings for 20 nights over a five week period and […]

Rufus Hummingbird

We have a little friend who has been visiting us very regularly the last few days. Actually we have two of them. They are Rufus hummingbirds. I think hummingbirds are like flying jewels. They are just so beautiful.

We have the hummingbird feeders right out our french door in the dining room, so while we […]