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Back at the Creekbank Album

Okay, I just can’t contain my excitement! I recently found that a couple of albums that I loved as a kid have been remastered for CD. I’ve ordered both. We are playing the first one that arrived just now. In fact, it arrived yesterday evening and we must be on our tenth round about […]

Summer Recital

Three of my kids are now taking instrument lessons. All three are taking piano and two are also taking violin. Here are just a whole bunch of videos from their summer recital.



Dare to Be a Daniel

This was recorded for the Adventist Home Educator Week of Prayer.

Cell Anatomy

Have I mentioned before that I love the Exploring Creation Series by Jeannie Fulbright? This year, we are using two books from that series. The boys are doing Zoology 1 – Flying Creatures and Zippy is doing the Anatomy and Physiology book. I wasn’t completely sure about doing two books, but it is working quite […]

Zippy’s Artwork

My kids take art lessons from their grandpa whenever he comes for a visit. It’s one of their favorite things about having grandpa visit. I really like it too, because I love any educational experience that they can have! All of my kids love art and are talented, but Zippy especially loves it.

Here are […]

Christmas Concert

Just when I’m starting to get caught up on my blog, I get busy and can’t get to it.

Here is a video of one of the concerts that my children played in this holiday season.

Seasonal Concert 2011 – part 1 on Vimeo.

Here are the links for parts two and three: Part […]

Chief Seattle

My kids love all things Native American. They think it’s very cool that Seattle was named after Chief Seattle. Zippy was quite excited to get out of the car one day, when we were in Seattle and take this picture of the Chief Seattle fountain in Pioneer Square.

And […]

Practice for the Christmas Concert

We’ve been busy practicing for our church music concert. Here are a couple of pictures of the strings players, hard at work.

Here is a video of them practicing. If you want to hear the rest of the piece, you’ll have to come to the concert!!


Crafty Kids

My kids love to make crafts. Lots of crafts. They make crafts that go along with what we are studying at the moment. They make crafts from craft books. They make crafts from everything. And there are crafts everywhere sometimes. Here are some of the most recent creations that were just creations for the fun […]

Composer Unit Study

We recently finished a unit on classical composers. We decided to just do an overview of them. We gathered up resources from a few places and really enjoyed every single one of them. We listened to every CD in the “Story of Composers” series. (Here is a link to the one on Bach. You can […]