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Takin' Time Off

We’ve been taking lots of time off from our regular school activities. Our holidays have been full of family time. Our favorite way to spend them. First off, Papa and Nana drove out from the midwest and spent a week with us at our home. They drove for two days to get to our house […]

A New Family Member!

My husband and I have been dragging our feet for years about getting our kids a pet. I’m already so busy, you know. Well, we finally gave in and agreed for the grandparents to get them a pet for Christmas. They and she safely arrived yesterday and we’ve had constant entertainment since. The kids are […]

Let it Snow!

I live in a place where the almanac claims that it supersedes 90F 4 days a year and it stays below freezing 4 days a year. Well, I can’t always understand the whole global warming thing, because since we’ve lived here, the almanac has been about right on the over 90F part, but we’ve had […]

Thanksgiving Lapbooks

I’m finally getting our Thanksgiving Lapbooks posted on here. Thanksgiving came at the right time this year! We had just finished studying Jamestown so studying about the Pilgrims was the next chronological thing.

The books we read on this subject were Squanto And The Miracle Of Thanksgiving, Stories of the Pilgrims, The Thanksgiving Story and […]

Birthday Boy

We had a very happy birthday in our home this weekend. John Deere Boy turned 6. His Grandma and Grandpa were able to drive all the way over from the other side of the state to spend the weekend with us then celebrate with us.

He received gum from his sister. An educational game […]

To the Zoo with Cousins

We were privileged to get to go to the zoo with family the day before Thanksgiving. (This is getting up late, but that’s just how it goes sometimes.) I never know which is more fun at the zoo: watching the animals or watching the kids. They had so much fun especially since they had cousins […]

Smith Rock–a walk with Daddy

Our vacation was enjoyable and refreshing. In fact, a couple of days ago I was introducing myself to a lady who knew one of my siblings and as I chatted with her, she asked me if I had started a family yet. I told her that we have three children and introduced them to her. […]