George Washington Carver


Ace has fallen in love with audiobooks. Can’t blame him, I rather love them myself. It allows for him to “read” books that are considerably beyond his reading level, without my having to sit down. Of course, I still take time to sit and read, but the boy has been listening to audiobooks for hours a day, and I can’t read to him for several hours a day, unfortunately.

Last week he listened to the book Man’s Slave Becomes God’s Scientist: George Washington Carver. He loved it! George Washington Carver is just every boy’s best friend. After all, he escaped kidnapping; he got beat up and lived to tell about it; he was smarter than his teachers; and he loved dirt and bugs and all those boy kinds of things. That all aside, he makes for a worthy hero, so I love for my boys to admire worthy heroes. And he loved school, which is not a bad thing to encourage boys to love. (I said “boys” because actually others of us enjoyed the book, because we couldn’t escape it as it was being played over speakers loud enough for all of us to not be able to ignore, but fortunately we were all hooked.)

This was a total rabbit trail, and has nothing to do with any of our curriculum, but while we were on a role, we also checked out a book about George Washington Carver for younger kids: A Weed Is a Flower : The Life of George Washington Carver by Aliki and read that. That is a super well illustrated little book that I had read to my older kids once upon a time, and just had to read it again.

Rabbit trail or no, Ace did a notebook page about George Washington Carver and if you ask him to tell you stories, you’d better sit down because it’s going to take awhile. Here are a few of pictures.

George Washington Carver Notebook Page  George Washington Carver

US Famous People: George Washington Carver  US Famous People: George Washington Carver  George Washington Carver

Caption for bottom pictures: Left and center bottom pictures are the inside of top mini book in top right photo. Right bottom picture is the inside of the “An Amazing Scientist” mini book.

List of resources:
Hold That Thought World & US History Notebook Pages (Out of Print) (George Washington Carver Notebook Page)
U.S. History Little Books: Famous People — George Washington Carver (Free) (George Washington Carver 1864-1943 Mini Book)
Literacy-Building Booklets: Famous Americans (An Amazing Scientist Mini Book)
Man’s Slave Becomes God’s Scientist: George Washington Carver (Audio Book) (Sad to see that the price has gone up.)
A Weed Is a Flower : The Life of George Washington Carver (Well illustrated children’s book about Carver.)



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