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Air Pressure Experiment

This is just a fun video of the boys doing an experiment from the Young Explorer Series Exploring Creation with Zoology 1 book.

If you are curious about the experiment, I guess, you’ll have to get the book.

Mount Saint Helens and the 7 Wonders Museum

We have been studying the Bible story of Creation for our Bible class, both from the Bible and from the book Patriarchs and Prophets. So I thought that it would be fun to visit a Creation Museum to confirm some of what we were studying. When my children were very little, my husband and I […]

Learning About Taxonomy

The first lesson of the Exploring Creation with Botany is all about taxonomy. This seemed like a difficult concept for young children to understand, but fortunately a couple of pictures in the book spurred my kids on. My daughter set up a chart with the taxonomy of her closest. For example kingdom: shirts phylum: short-sleeve […]

Our Bodies

My kids have been wanting to do this project ever since we studied about the Human Body in January and February. We moved on to other things, so I thought maybe we would forget it; but they kept reminding me, so we did it. It doesn’t necessarily tie in with anything we are studying right […]

Penguin Lapbook

We were so busy during the Children’s Bible Class that I posted about before, that we had a hard time keeping up with everything. So one morning I said to the kids, let’s do something on a preschool level that we would all enjoy. John Deere Boy came up with this idea and it was […]

Human Body Unit & Lapbook

We have been studying about the human body for several weeks. Our core book or spine has been the book The House We Live In. It is an older book (written in early 1900’s) that includes information not only about the body but how to keep it healthy. I really appreciated this approach. We have […]

Respiratory System

We love being able to really study what interests us. That is one of the blessings of being able to homeschool. Today we have been studying about the respiratory system. That goes well with our last study about the circulatory system.

For this one we didn’t find any Moody videos just on this topic, but […]

Circulatory System

We are in the process of learning about the most wonderful piece of machinery ever made–the human body. I’m not going to share every single thing that we’ve studied, but I want to share with you the part that we just finished–our heart and our circulatory system. We should all take some time to learn […]

Birds Lapbooks

In August Zippy and JD Boy each made their first lapbook. They each did one on birds.  We got this lapbook from In the Hands of a Child.

They also worked on learning about birds by completing a Feathered Friends Honor from the Adventurer Club. One of the things they did for that honor was […]