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“Origins” Lapbook by Zippy (Age 14)

I decided that I’m going to share one lapbook a day from our origins study. We will start with my oldest’s lap book.

As you can see, washi tape was popular for this project. You will see it on all three lapbooks. The kids said they won’t use it again because it curls so bad, but it’s pretty this time.

I did have sources on hand for most of these mini books in this lapbook. Our sources were: Old Testament Activity Pak by Homeschool in the Woods, Creation Science Lapbook by In the Hands of a Child, and Binder-Builder by A Journey Through Learning for Truth Quest History Beginnings Guide. I had all of these before we did this study, so we picked and chose from all three. Zippy designed her own cover and also her own Creation Days Wheel.

(I see a few grammatical and spelling errors in these pictures that we missed. Guess we’ll have to go fix those.)

The Cover:

Cover of "Origins" Lapbook

The Spread:

Inside of "Origins" Lapbook #1

Inside of "Origins" Lapbook #2

The mini-book close-ups:


Vocabulary Book #1

Vocabulary Book #2

Why Creation?

"Why Creation?" #1

"Why Creation?" #2

Mt. St. Helens Evidences for a Young Earth

Mt. St. Helens Evidences for a Young Earth #1

Mt. St. Helens Evidences for a Young Earth #3

Mt. St. Helens Evidences for a Young Earth #4

Mt. St. Helens Evidences for a Young Earth #5

Science Hoaxes Used to Prove Evolution

Hoaxes Pocket Book #1

Hoaxes Pocket Book #2

Evidences of a Young Earth

Young Earth Fan Book

Creation Days Wheel (Design and Art by Zippy)

Creation Wheel Book

Tower of Babel/Distribution of People Groups

Babel Slider Book #1

Babel Slider Book #2


Dinosaur Shape Book

Dinosaur Shape Book

The Flood

Flood Wheel Book

Why History is Important

Why History

Why History

Ice Age

Ice Age Accordion Book #1

Ice Age Accordion Book #2

The Fall

The Fall Tab Book #1

The Fall Tab Book #2

The Fall Tab Book #3

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