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Impromptu Nature Study — Wood Ducks

We’re on vacation! Yeah! That’s why not a lot is getting posted on my blog, but we’ve had some really nice learning opportunities while on vacation. We always do. Maybe it’s because we’re more relaxed, so we notice when the learning opportunities just pop up. Anyway, my husband discovered that one of the parks here […]

Toddler Painting

I just have to share this. My toddler made his own first painting. I’m not usually into modern art, but I just think this is so pretty. He loves to do things when his big sis and big bro are. He always wants to “do school”. For about five minutes, that is. Anyway, they were […]

Pocahontas & John Smith Lapbook

These lapbooks were simple, but they were especially fun because the children came up with what they wanted in them themselves. I, of course, had to help, but I let them design them and choose everything themselves. We just searched in Google images for most of the clipart and we had fun. (Unless noted artwork […]

Early Christian Church Lapbook

Another lapbook! This one corresponded with our children’s Bible class on the life of Paul and Peter after Jesus’ ascension to heaven. The lessons we studied  were from My Bible First and they were the Year C, quarter 2 lessons of the My Bible Says set. And once again many of the booklets are from […]


Well, I’ve been looking at some other blogs and I found a  write-up on one of them about keeping your children safe. So, I’ve tried to remove all of my children’s names from my blog as well as our last name. I hope I succeeded. I definitely want to keep my children safe. I’d be […]

Moore Formula

We have chosen to homeschool using the Moore Formula. It just makes so much sense. I decided to blog about it today.

It was developed by Dr. Raymond Moore, who The Old Schoolhouse magazine referred to as the grandfather of homeschooling.

It is so much more than Charlotte Mason, unit studies or Ruth Beechick, […]

Explorers Lapbook

This is the most detailed lapbook that we have done so far. (So get ready for lots of pictures.) The kids were very proud of these lapbooks. It took us several weeks to do these as we read and learned about the explorers.

Here is a list of books that we enjoyed on this […]

Columbus Lapbook

More lapbooks! This is the first lapbook that we did for our "official school year". The previous ones we did during our summer vacation.

We are enjoying learning about the beginning of America and we started reading about none other than Christopher Columbus. Some of the books that we enjoyed were: A Picture Book of […]