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Going slow

In case you’re wondering if I dropped off the edge of the world…I did. I have the worst case of morning sickness imaginable. Well, others have out done me, for sure, but I just don’t feel one bit good. So I s’pect that over the next couple or more months, my blog posting will be […]

Composer Study – Handel

It’s already November, so hard to believe. I just now finally feel like I’m in the swing of school and now the holidays are just around the corner. It seems the days, weeks and months go so much faster than I do. We had intended on finishing up this composer study a long time ago. […]

Learning about Oak Trees

It seems that oak trees live everywhere in the States. However different types tend to prefer different climates. We were able to actually to observe oaks in two parts of the country, some in the Pacific Northwest and some in the Midwest.

We identified the Oak tree that we saw in Kansas as the Bur […]

Our New Zip Line

My husband is still a kid. I wish I was more like him in that respect. He recently decided that he would really have fun if we would put a zip line in for the kids. You notice, who I said would have fun? Well, he has. The rest of us have too. In less […]