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Big Bend, Pt. 1

We made a speedy trip to Big Bend National Park a few weeks back. This was another national park that I had wanted to visit for a very long time. We have a few friends who love this park, so I was very curious. It is indeed an amazing park. It is so, so, so […]

Boys Can Do Handicrafts Too

Who says that girls’ projects are only for girls to do and vice versa? JD Boy has taken an interest in several of the handicraft type projects that Zippy and I have been doing together. He’s tried his hand at knitting and crochet. He knitted this scarf that he is wearing in this picture. He […]

Geography Notebook

Sometime ago, we started making a Geography Notebook. We started out by learning a few of the basic geography terms and locations–such as, North, South, Tropic of Cancer, hemisphere, etc. The main book we used was one that we checked out from the library called, Geography From A to Z: A Picture Glossary. […]

The Purpose of the Christian Family

The Father and Jesus were discussing the future. They wished to help everyone to understand a little better. They wanted everyone to understand Their character, Their character of love. They came up with a plan. They would create an example that could perpetuate love forever. They would call this model “the family”. This family would […]