Child Evangelism

One of my goals, as a homeschool mom, is to help my children have opportunities to bless others. I also want opportunities for myself like that. I, personally, think that I bless people every day in my home and that that is my primary mission field right now, but I also find myself incredibly blessed when we as a family can bless others.

Recently, we completed a five-week long series of meetings at our church. My daughter was very involved in the greeting and registration as she loves socializing and making new friends whether they be 2 or 92. My oldest son helped me in leading out in meetings for children that ran simultaneous to the adult meetings.

Watching Janice's Attic

We had eighteen kids on our highest evening, with a total of total of twenty-three kids that attended over the course of the meeting. I’m not sure what our average was, but it seemed like it was between ten and twelve.

Watching Janice's Attic

We chose to use the Janice’s Attic video series and focus on developing character traits for the theme in the children’s meetings.

(You’ll have to excuse the dark pictures. The kids decided they liked watching the video with the lights out best.)

We had lots of fun with crafts. Kids love crafts. (I get tired of them, but that’s a secret!) For sure the favorite craft of all was when we made peanut butter cookies together. I wasn’t sure if I was losing my mind to take that one on. It just so happened to be the night that we had eighteen kids. But it went rather smoothly, and we didn’t even have cookie batter on the walls or floor. Yeah!

Peanut Butter Cooking Baking with Eighteen Kids

We had one experience during these meetings that reminded us that this is indeed a worthwhile activity. We had a boy that was only able to make it half a dozen times or so. On his second night, he held out a little trinket to me and said, “Can I show you something special?” Of course, I paused and looked. Then he proceeded, “This is special because my dad gave this to me right before he died. He bought it in China.” Wow! What a sad lot that boy had. As I got to know the family more, I found that was only one of their troubles. I wasn’t sure which children shared a dad with him. There were four that were coming from that particular family. The were kind of homeless. The kids spent the week days in foster care and then the weekends with their mom. Their mom had just got out of drug rehab and desperately wants to get a job and provide for her children. She only has one skill—selling drugs. Nobody wants to hire her. We are still trying to help this family out. Please pray for them. Every child deserves to grow up in a good situation, even though so few children get to.