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Beethoven–Composer Study

Who doesn’t love Beethoven? We all love Beethoven and his music. After our holidays were over, I told my children that I would like for us to start learning about one composer and they could choose. Of course, they couldn’t quite agree, so we decided that they could take turns choosing. JD Boy chose our […]

Free Lapbook Giveaway

I just stumbled across the Homeschooling Hearts and Minds blog and thought you might be interested in this free giveaway. It’s one of the nicest lapbooks, I’ve ever seen. I actually already have it and we did part of it last summer when we studied the Early Christian Church, so I know you’ll love it! […]


I have been trying to follow the Moore Formula in our homeschooling adventure. (See my post about the Moore Formula.) One of the things that the Moore Formula includes is service for others. I always feel like this area needs work in our family, but I’m happy to report that my children, especially my daughter, […]

My Thoughts on Lapbooks

I have had several different questions about the different lapbooks that we’ve made. I decided that I would just write a post on my developing philosophy of lapbooking as well as share my favorite resources.

A little history: I do not consider us to be “pro-lapbookers”. It’s something that we have learned to enjoy […]

Kids Play Their History Lessons

Today JD Boy wouldn’t stop: "Mommy, mommy, please video us." He is one of if not the most persistent child I’ve ever met. I was so busy and didn’t really have time, but if you’ve read the parable about the unjust judge in the Bible then you already know that persistence pays off. Finally, I […]

Snow or Shine?

Our weather can’t make up it’s mind. What’s up with this anyway? I caught a couple of fun pictures of my kids in the different types of weather that we’ve had within the last week.

Zippy thought when it was nice, that outside would be the best place to do her math. I […]

Human Body Unit & Lapbook

We have been studying about the human body for several weeks. Our core book or spine has been the book The House We Live In. It is an older book (written in early 1900’s) that includes information not only about the body but how to keep it healthy. I really appreciated this approach. We have […]