Kids in San Diego

We also enjoyed visiting the ocean north of San Diego. I ended up with mostly pictures of the kids rather than pictures of the ocean though. Can’t help it, I think they are mighty handsome kids.

Baby in Playground

JD at Seashore Playground

Zippy at the Ocean

G'tums (6) swinging at Beach Playground

Pretty Sisters

I think I’m done posting about San Diego, although, there are some pictures on my husband’s computer that are quite good. Maybe someday I’ll get my hands on them. In the meantime, I’ll have to share about things that go on around our house. Except I need to take pictures of those things. So maybe I’d better do another trip, I have one of those too.

San Diego Zoo

After all my comments that I was not so impressed with Sea World, I loved the San Diego zoo. We probably should have spent several days between the zoo and the wild animal park. They were both super neat. If you can only do one thing in San Diego, definitely choose the zoo. Okay, that’s just my opinion. We didn’t even do Disney, that’s definitely more theme park than I can handle.

One of the highlights of the zoo was the baby giraffe. Just so you know, that baby is significantly taller than I am.

Baby Giraffe

We had fun feeding Lorikeets. Although, I think this picture is of a Lory, not a Lorikeet.


Baby travelled in style through the whole park. Was I ever glad that I hauled the stroller with us on this trip! I wasn’t sure if I would like taking it through the airport, but my back thanked me every day when we were out site seeing.

Stroller Ride

Then I found this monkey over by the orangoutang exhibit. He was climbing the bamboo poles.

G'tums climbing plastic bamboo poles

I thought he was so cute, I took him home!

G'tums climbing plastic bamboo poles

Sea World San Diego

If you can’t tell, I’m trying to catch up. Seems like that is often what I’m doing on this blog–trying to catch up. Anyway, here’s to a fun day at Sea World San Diego. Sea World was fun. The whales were beautiful. The dolphins were intriguing. But I don’t know, theme parks and I just don’t do so well together. I enjoy when the animals perform, but when the people perform, I think it’s rather lame. And it seems that Sea World is more about gymnasts than animals. I mean who goes to Sea World to see women dressed as parrots? Oh well, that’s just me.

Baby in the bleachers

Baby wasn’t too sure about the shows. We did keep her out of the splash zone, but the music was loud and there was a lot going on all around her. She was a little frightened. Zippy, on the other hand, loved all the activity, and sat in the front row, by herself so that she could get soaked. She scored. She was drenched to the skin, and it was kind of a cold day, so she shivered all day. Not my idea of fun, but hey, I’m not 12.

Of course, we have shots of the whales. All these pictures were taken with my point and shoot. We were afraid to take a good camera in there, for good reason. Anyway, my little camera did okay on these beauties. You can’t help but think that the Orcas are beautiful. Wish I could see one in the wild, especially as I don’t live terribly far from them. Maybe someday.

Shamu Show at Sea World

Shamu Show at Sea World

Note: If you’re curious about the whales’ names. Some Sea World employee saw my photos on Flickr and commented with their names.

Mt. Rainier

This should have been posted awhile ago, but we all need to be reminded at this time of year, what the wildflowers looked like this summer, right?
These are from a trip that we took to Mt. Rainier in August.

G'tums at Mt. Rainier
A rose among wildflowers!

I love the great outdoors!“I love the great outdoors!”

The CrewThe Crew

Trail through Paradise to Mt. RainierThe trail

Mt. Rainier is getting shorterThe Mountain — well, a little bit of it, anyway

Wildflowers at Paradise at Rainier National Park
The wildflowers

Western Anemone at Mt. Rainier
Western Anemone

Magenta Paintbrush
Magenta Paintbrush

Alpine Aster
Alpine Aster

Wildflowers - Lupine, Broadleaf Arnica
Lupine and Broadleaf Arnica

Rosey Spirea
Rosey Spirea

Baby looking to see what's over there
“What do I see?”


Nice Lighting
I don’t know what this is, but I just thought the lighting was neat.

Talk about a eye-candy. We definitely got it that day. The colors were in every hue, kind of like the inside of a gum-ball machine, oh wait, it was way better than that.