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Kids in San Diego

We also enjoyed visiting the ocean north of San Diego. I ended up with mostly pictures of the kids rather than pictures of the ocean though. Can’t help it, I think they are mighty handsome kids.

I think I’m done […]

San Diego Zoo

After all my comments that I was not so impressed with Sea World, I loved the San Diego zoo. We probably should have spent several days between the zoo and the wild animal park. They were both super neat. If you can only do one thing in San Diego, definitely choose the zoo. Okay, that’s […]

Sea World San Diego

If you can’t tell, I’m trying to catch up. Seems like that is often what I’m doing on this blog–trying to catch up. Anyway, here’s to a fun day at Sea World San Diego. Sea World was fun. The whales were beautiful. The dolphins were intriguing. But I don’t know, theme parks and I just […]

Mt. Rainier

This should have been posted awhile ago, but we all need to be reminded at this time of year, what the wildflowers looked like this summer, right? These are from a trip that we took to Mt. Rainier in August.

A rose among wildflowers!

“I love the great […]