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A Trip to the Grandparents

I don’t know any child that doesn’t love going to visit the grandparents. I sure remember going to visit my grandparents when I was a child. My kids are no exception to the rule. They love, and I mean love it when they get to visit grandparents. Unfortunately, one set of grandparents lives half the […]

Last Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is tomorrow. I have been dreading Thanksgiving for weeks. You see Thanksgiving last year was such a special day at our house. It holds such special memories now. Normally Thanksgiving has been somewhere else. But last year my family joined us at our house. It was very special to have my brother Ben at […]

Baby Pictures

Baby pictures are so special. These are some that are several months old that I didn’t get around to sharing before. They are just so special, I’m just going to share them now. These first ones were taken at seven months.

Aren’t […]

Three Seattle Museums

This is an old post, that I never got finished, until now.

You know I’m a homeschool mom, because I turn everything into a school project. I wonder sometimes if my kids get weary of my turning everything into learning opportunities, but they’re stuck with me and my ways. (Sorry guys!) We’ve had company […]

Job’s Friends

I’ve decided to share one of the lessons that I have learned this summer.

I don’t want to be like Job’s friends.

A few months ago our pastor preached a sermon about Job, which included thoughts on his friends. I have been contemplating it ever since. I have come to the conclusion that Job’s friends […]

Camping on Orcas Island, part. 2

Just a bunch of people shots (well mostly people shots) from our camping trip, that I thought were fun.

Baby is happy about her first camping trip!

Baby still learning to walk! Dirt is forgiving!

“This is great! […]

Camping on Orcas Island

We had a very fun camping trip to Orcas Island this summer. One of the most fun camping trips ever. Well, I always say that unless it rains on us. I really enjoy camping with my kiddoes. It’s so fun to go exploring in the wilderness with them. We saw so many things. Here are […]

Happy First Birthday, Baby!

This is actually old news, but I still want to post it on my blog, because it was a fun day!

Time flies. That is one thing that parents all agree on. Children just keep growing and growing. (And parents keep aging, but that’s a different story.)

The past year has been a whirlwind. […]


We had a lovely garden this summer. This was the first garden that we have had at this house and it produced well. Unfortunately, the only pictures I got were of us planting.

We put in grow boxes in the spring and grew our whole garden in the grow boxes. It was a fun experiment […]

Life Goes on

Well, if you have given up following my blog, I can completely understand. I haven’t posted for months, since the death of my younger brother. The whole experience was quite a blow to me and has made keeping up with life and homeschool in particular, a bit more difficult, but life goes on. No matter […]