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Where are we?

We are on vacation! Vacation always provides some really wonderful learning opportunities that just don’t pop up when you are at home. Just think of some the things that are perfect to study when you are away from home: geography, social studies, history and nature studies, etc. We are having so many great opportunities to […]

Music Study–Hymns for a Kid's Heart

We recently finished two excellent books called Hymns for a Kid’s Heart vol. 1 & 2. These books each come with a CD with exceptional arrangements of the hymns. The music is beautiful and is appropriate for people with more conservative music taste, like myself. The singing is done by Bobbie Wolgemuth and Joni Eareckson […]

Storytime with Grandparents

My children love stories. I personally believe that reading books is a very important part of their education. I have even read studies that indicate that parents should be reading to their children when they are as young as 6 months old. I have tried to read to them since they were in utero. They […]

Respiratory System

We love being able to really study what interests us. That is one of the blessings of being able to homeschool. Today we have been studying about the respiratory system. That goes well with our last study about the circulatory system.

For this one we didn’t find any Moody videos just on this topic, but […]

Circulatory System

We are in the process of learning about the most wonderful piece of machinery ever made–the human body. I’m not going to share every single thing that we’ve studied, but I want to share with you the part that we just finished–our heart and our circulatory system. We should all take some time to learn […]

The Outdoor Hour and The Handbook of Nature Study

A couple of months ago  I discovered a really great blog called The Outdoor Hour by Harmony Art Mom. Each week she has a new challenge posted for you and your children to do to learn more about nature.

The Outdoor Hour blog is based on The Handbook of Nature Study by Anna Comtock. […]

Natural Remedies

All three of my kids started sneezing and snuffling yesterday. That seems to happen to us after vacations are over too often. I’m very much interested in natural remedies, so I thought you might be interested in some of the things that I’ve found effective for colds.

Contrast showers: Some kids fight on this, […]

Reality Check

I decided it was time for a reality check as to how my year is going in homeschool. When I look through my list of goals from August and look at what we’ve done, I wish we would have done more. Maybe I’ll always wish that. I’m very glad for what we have done. The […]

December at our Home

This has been an unusual December for us. We live in an area, where snow is rare. When we do get it, often the limbs start breaking off of the trees and landing on power lines and then we spend days without power. A couple of years ago, when we had quite a bit of […]

Economic Christmas

If you had the chance to look under our tree this year, you would have been concerned for the retailers in America. There were fewer and smaller presents. Parents and grandparents alike took the economic situation into consideration when doing their shopping. Just as I suspected though, the kids were just as thrilled with their […]