Albert Einstein

Learning about Albert Einstein is one of the assignments in the Noeo Physics 1 curriculum. The book that comes with the curriculum is Did it Take Creativity to Find Relativity, Albert Einstein? Unfortunately, we found the book to be too dry, so decided to find a different one. Since we wanted to start reading right that minute, we went for a kindle book. We chose the book Who Was Albert Einstein? This book had 106 reviews with the average being 5 stars, so I figured it was a safe bet. Indeed it was. For a short fun read on Albert Einstein, this book was a great pick. Perhaps it was a bit more history and less science than the previous book, but I really don’t think that my third grader needs to understand relativity or E=mc2 too thoroughly, and he definitely enjoyed the history. He was most intrigued that Einstein’s theory of mass to energy conversion played a pivotal roll in the atomic bomb creation, and that Einstein petitioned Roosevelt to develop the atomic bomb, but was an avowed pacifist.

Ace did a notebook page (front and back) on Einstein.

Everything was narrated by Ace and I wrote it out for him. The top picture is just his overall report on what we read. The inside of the compass mini book is about how a compass that was gifted to Albert when he was young sparked his love of science. The orange mini book is about the atomic bomb. The cover is a drawing of a mushroom cloud by Ace.

Sources for the notebook page:

Albert Einstein page from Hold That Thought Notebook Pages (out of print)
Compass and Lightbulb mini books from Confessions of a Homeschooler
Atom Bomb mini book by Ace