Nursing Home

We are happy that our church takes one Sabbath a month to visit a local nursing home and minister to the residents. It’s nice for the residents to be able to see the kids. But it’s especially good for the kids to spend some time with the elderly. It teaches them so much about life.

Here you can see a few of the residents along with a few of our members.

Retirement Facility

This is our kids choir singing their memory verse songs for the residents. They are memorizing one chapter from Sealing Touch Jr. each month. These lessons have been set to music by one of the children’s Bible teachers, so they sing two or three of these songs each month at the assisted living facility.

Kids' Choir at Retirement Facility

This is just a cute picture of some happy youngsters, including my G’tums. They love it when we go there each month.

Happy Youngsters

Zippy’s Artwork

My kids take art lessons from their grandpa whenever he comes for a visit. It’s one of their favorite things about having grandpa visit. I really like it too, because I love any educational experience that they can have! All of my kids love art and are talented, but Zippy especially loves it.

Here are a couple pictures that I managed the last time Grandpa painted with her.

Zippy (12) painting

Zippy's (12) painting

She also posts some of her other artwork as well as her photos and photos she likes on her very own blog at

USS Midway

USS Midway (CVB-41) after commissioning

Photo Credit: By US Navy Employee (Naval Historical Center)
[Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

One of the very interesting museums that we visited last week was the USS Midway Aircraft Carrier. We ended up spending five hours touring that massive ship. I have no idea how the crew kept from being lost on that ship. I’m afraid I would have gotten lost and never figured out how to see the sun. Just gone in circles in a maze that never ended. We learned that 4500 crew members were aboard that ship when it was in service. Talk about a small town. They had their own dental office, post office, surgery ward, barber shops, jail, laundry (and I mean laundry–if I could have some of those tools, I would only have to do one or two loads a week, but I don’t know where they would fit in my house.) and the list goes on. It was impressive!

Here are some pictures of our day there.

First up is a young lady dreaming of being an Air Force pilot.

Future Pilot

Next is a young lady behind bars, who seems to know how to really act the part.

Baby in the Midway Jail

Just posing by one of many beautiful planes.

Three Junior Pilots on Midway

The USS Midway has a Junior Pilot program, somewhat similar to the Junior Ranger programs offered by the National Park Service. As we toured the ship, the three older kids worked on earning their Junior Pilots. At the entrance to the ship, you are given an audio device that you wear for the whole tour and then as you enter each section, you just dial in the appropriate number and you get an interesting narration about what takes place there. They also had a kids version, which happens to be what I listened to mostly, because my kids kept asking questions about the things they were supposed to fill out on their papers. But, I have to say, the kids version was very interesting and I learned more than I can store anyway, so that worked out great.

Here are photos of the swearing in and pinning as Junior Pilots.

Taking the oathThe pinning

As I said, we spent five hours in/on this ship. They figure that the normal time is three hours. There’s a reason we took five. You can see that we had our stroller with us, but strollers do not go up and down hatch ladders. I carried the baby up and down so many ladders that day, it was unbelievable. That’s the reason for the extra two, I just went a little slower than most and I made sure to enjoy all exhibits that included chairs. I was still glad for the stroller when Baby fell asleep, as you can see in the above photo. But I’m telling you, I figure that I knew what it was like to be one of the package handlers on that ship, hauling packages all over the place–it’s exhausting.

The Baby Carriage on Midway

Rosario Beach

Rosario Beach is one of my favorite spots in the world. (If you’ve followed my blog or Facebook long, you already knew that.) We recently made an unplanned trip there. We just zipped over there, because we had tried to see something not far away that didn’t work out.

We did all the usual stuff that we like to do there. We went searching for those perfectly round smooth stones to use as skipping rocks. Then we had a try to see who get manage the most skips. Those of us that are beginners spent more time practicing and honing our skill, so that we won’t stay beginners forever.

G'tums Skipping Rocks

My boys think they are monkeys that have been moved to the wrong continent. They love climbing. At Rosario there is this one specific root that they always climb. It started when I was pregnant with G’tums. I have many pictures of them at different ages climbing that root. Someday I’m going to compare the series to show how they’ve grown compared to the root. This time it was in church clothes, no less.

G'tums Climbing the Root Rosario JD Climbing Rosario

We climbed rocks.

G'tums Rock Climbing

Climbed stumps.


Ran down trails.

JD Boy (age 9) climbing

Sat down for a break.

Zippy (age 12)

Went tide-pooling in search of the coolest hermit crab in the neighborhood.

Tidepooling Rosario

Gave Grandpa a thorough lesson in nature study.

Grandpa and Baby Rosario

Hollered for the fun of it.

Toothless Grin - Gtums (age 6)

And visited with family that had come to visit.

Three Bumps on a Log

Rosario beach is always a fun place to go. This trip was no exception!