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Nursing Home

We are happy that our church takes one Sabbath a month to visit a local nursing home and minister to the residents. It’s nice for the residents to be able to see the kids. But it’s especially good for the kids to spend some time with the elderly. It teaches them so much about life.


Zippy’s Artwork

My kids take art lessons from their grandpa whenever he comes for a visit. It’s one of their favorite things about having grandpa visit. I really like it too, because I love any educational experience that they can have! All of my kids love art and are talented, but Zippy especially loves it.

Here are […]

USS Midway

Photo Credit: By US Navy Employee (Naval Historical Center) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

One of the very interesting museums that we visited last week was the USS Midway Aircraft Carrier. We ended up spending five hours touring that massive ship. I have no idea how the crew […]

Rosario Beach

Rosario Beach is one of my favorite spots in the world. (If you’ve followed my blog or Facebook long, you already knew that.) We recently made an unplanned trip there. We just zipped over there, because we had tried to see something not far away that didn’t work out.

We did all the usual stuff […]