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Social Studies in Mexico

Social Studies is another great thing to study on vacation,  especially when you’re traveling internationally. Just to observe the people’s customs is a lot more social studies than you can possibly get when reading about people and their ways. Just wish we could travel to every place that we wanted to learn about.

We very […]

Mexico Art

I’ve been being so delayed about getting all of my posts up and now I have things I want to share about what we’re doing now, but I’ll finish my Mexico posts firsts.

I’m not going to make too many comments on this post, just pictures. These are pieces of art that we saw in […]

Geography on Vacation

I think that learning geography when you’re traveling should never be skipped. What better way to learn where something is than go there? Several people have asked where we went. We were just south of Puerto Vallarta. My daughter plotted our flight path on a map. We had to avoid bad weather or some type […]

Nature Study in Mexico

Mexico has many beautiful places, birds, butterflies and fish along the Pacific Coast, where we were. There are also whales, manta rays and dolphins jumping regularly.  This is a long post about the nature study that we did while we were in Mexico for a week in January.

We saw many beautiful birds while we […]

P.E. While On Vacation

I tried to figure out which subject to post about first of all the things we learned about while in Mexico. I decided to start with this one: P.E. Exercise should be a regular part of our lives, but often when we’re on vacation, it’s just easier to find time to do it.

The […]