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Saguaro Cactus

There are two things that I have wanted to see for a long, long time. I guess when you live in a rainforest, or nearly a rainforest, you long to learn about the desert. Anyway, for a long, long time, I have wanted to see a Roadrunner and I have wanted to see Saguaro Cactus. […]

The Garden in May

My brother moved in with us last year and one of the very special blessings that we have gained from that is that he is just amazing with the garden. The garden is his best friend, I think. The boys, especially, enjoy learning from him about the garden. I love eating the produce that they […]

Knitting Projects

This is an overdue post. A lot of my posts become overdue before they get posted, but since blogging isn’t my whole life, sometimes life gets in the way!

I have been busy knitting ever since November or so of last year, when Zippy asked if I would teach her how to crochet and knit. […]

Innocent Recreation

I am rereading the book Adventist Home and found this quote to be great counsel: “While we restrain our children from worldly pleasures that have a tendency to corrupt and mislead, we ought to provide them innocent recreation, to lead them in pleasant paths where there is no danger. No child of God need have […]

Pictures of a Growing Baby Girl

Not prejudice or anything, but I don’t think you could get ’em any cuter than that!


Mother’s Day Service Project

Zippy and I have been working at developing a new hobby–card making. We purchased a few things from Stampin’ Up and dug out some stuff out of the garage and away we went. We’ve been having lots of fun, even though we’re beginners for sure.

We came up with an idea to turn this hobby […]

Subscribe By Email

I have a new feature on my blog. You can now subscribe to my blog by email. If you click the little “By Email” icon in the upper right corner, you can subscribe to my blog via email. I think that some of you will find that feature to be nicer than having to remember […]

Big Bend Pt. 3 – The Family

Pictures. Pictures. And more pictures. Pictures of the people rather than just the scenery. From oldest to youngest.

Big Bend Pt. 2 – The Stars

My husband did some experimenting with photography while we were in Big Bend and got some interesting captures one night of the stars. I just think these are such neat photos, I decided they were worthy of a whole post.

First is a picture at dusk from behind our tent.