Cell Anatomy

Have I mentioned before that I love the Exploring Creation Series by Jeannie Fulbright? This year, we are using two books from that series. The boys are doing Zoology 1 – Flying Creatures and Zippy is doing the Anatomy and Physiology book. I wasn’t completely sure about doing two books, but it is working quite nicely actually. I do science with the boys. Zippy does science on her own. It just so happens that the A&P is also available in mp3, so she listens and reads at the same time, that way she can learn how to pronounce all those long anatomy names.

I’m really impressed with the A&P book. Whenever possible, I have Zippy play her mp3 over the speakers so that I can listen too. It’s well written and well read and very informative. Anyway, Zippy, the girl who dreams on a daily basis of when she will be a nurse, is loving the course.

Here are a couple of the recent projects that Zippy did for her science. Zippy was quite proud of this drawing. And if I dare say, I think she has reason to be. It is her drawing of cell anatomy. It might be just a bunch of squiggly lines, but I can’t even draw squiggly lines to look like that.

Cell Anatomy

This is a clay person that she modeled. I think she tried to make it look like her. What do you think?

Zippy's (age 12) Clay Person

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