George Washington Carver

A Weed Is A Flower by Aliki

I’m busy sorting through some older school stuff and I keep coming across things that just makes me a little sentimental. This is a page that Zippy narrated five years ago after we read the book A Weed is a Flower by Aliki, which by the way, is a really great little book. And the illustration is really neat too.

This is what it says:

“George Washington Carver was born a very tiny baby to some slaves. His daddy died and some thieves came and stole servants from their owners. One time, one came to the house where they lived and stole his mommy and him. The master sent someone to find George Washington Carver and his mommy. His mommy was never found, but he was.

“He grew up to be a famous man and he studied plants, and he helped the farmers with their crops so they could earn enough money.

“One time some special people came to the school where he worked. He made them a meal. The people were surprised to find out that everything was made of peanuts. He studied until he died.” June, 2009

Her writing has grown up since this. I mean she has grown up, but so did her writing. It makes me happy and sad all the same time.

George Washington Carver Notebook Page