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Mt. Rainier Nature Drive

We made a very short trip to Mt. Rainier just because we were sure that we would get to see some wildflowers.

The one picture of the mountain that we managed to take. This picture is thanks to my daughter. I forgot to take pictures of Mt. Rainier, because I was so busy […]

Snow Lake Trail Nature Walk

Maybe you get the idea that I’m just not feeling very verbose lately. It’s not that we don’t have things going on. It’s that we have lots going on. We have been taking pictures though and I’d love to share some of the pictures that my husband took on one of our recent nature walks. […]

McCurdy Park Nature Walk

We recently took a very enjoyable nature walk and just enjoyed what we saw. We saw a few things that we are studying a little further, so will post about that later, but we saw several things that were just fun to see. We walked through McCurdy Park on Lake Washington.

We went in hopes […]

Photography at Our Home

I have had a few comments asking what kind of a camera I have, so I just decided to make a post about it. Photography has definitely become a hobby at our house. We have four photographers in our family. Let me introduce you to them.

First, let me introduce you to G’tums, the […]

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