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Museum of Glass

If you are ever in Tacoma, Washington, I have two tourists stops to recommend: the Point Defiance Zoo and the Museum of Glass. This post is not about the zoo though, it’s about the Museum of Glass. (Hence the title.)

The museum of glass is one of the neatest places to visit. Some of the […]

Curriculum for 2014/2015

Well here it is—another school year is upon us. Last year I managed to hardly spend any money on school supplies, this year caught me by surprise by the expense. The really expensive part is that my daughter will be taking Biology this year. Hopefully we can use some of this stuff three more times […]

Best Friends

For some reason no matter what is outside, looking out the window is more fun with your best friend.


My little girl and her best friend always enjoy their time together.


Injured Pine Siskin

We had a special visitor to our home–an injured Pine Siskin. He hid under a bushes for several days, and my boys would feed him out of their hands. Then one day he flew away. All is well, that ends well.

God sees the little sparrow fall, It meets His tender view; If […]

Mexico Fun

We always love it when we get to take our almost annual trip to Mexico. This year, we were able to do it again, after missing a few years. The sunshine and Vitamin D are a welcome additive to our lives, so is the time with extended family, and also the minimal access to email […]

Summer Grilling

We got a new appliance at our house this year, and we have been having lots of fun. We held off for a long time on one of these, because we are vegetarian, and we weren’t sure that we’d really use it as vegetarians, but we were wrong. The kids and the dad, especially love […]

School Pictures

My husband decided to try his hand at doing school pictures for the kids this year. This is his first try. We’ll see if more come later. The only thing is that Zippy has had braces put on since the pictures were taken. It’s fun to have school pictures though.


Mt. Rainier Photography

We all spent a lovely day at Mt. Rainier last week. Here are our photos from the day.

Mt. Rainier from Reflection Lake:

Mt. Adams in the distance.

Mt. Rainier:

Mt. Rainier from Myrtle Falls:

Sunset at Mt. Rainier from Sunrise:



Lego Organization

Legos can be the bane of a mother’s life. (If you don’t believe me, go buy some Legos for your husband to play with!) Well, my boys have been given gallons of Legos that were second hand and they love playing with them, but we were all tired of dumping them out and digging through […]

High Desert Museum

We love the High Desert Museum. There is so much to see in natural history, native history and pioneer history there and sometimes other types exhibits too. We have a lot of fun learning about all three of the permanent subjects exhibited there. You’ll probably guess by the snow in the picture, that this was […]