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Soldiers at the Neighbor's House

This is what I heard this afternoon.

"Mo-o-om! There are soldiers at the neighbor’s house!"

You see my kids were outside playing during school hours. After all, even homeschoolers deserve recess (and I needed to get the refrigerator cleaned out.)  My kids have already discovered that sometimes people notice them during school hours and […]


I’m sitting here in the middle of suitcases, sorting laundry and feeling a bit disenchanted by the whole concept of traveling. Don’t get me wrong, I have enjoyed the last three weeks, (Did I mention that we have been traveling for three weeks?) but three weeks is a long time to be away. We’ve visited […]

End of Gardening Season

We have really enjoyed having a garden this year. This is really our first year to successfully have a garden. To a large extent this was my husband’s project, but I sure enjoyed the fruit of his labors. The kids were very involved in the whole process. They helped plant. They helped water. They helped […]

Autumn Tree Study

We did another nature study from the Handbook of Nature Study blog. For this challenge we were to choose a tree that we are to study through the seasons for  a year. We’ve studied about some trees around our house during the last year or so, but this will be our start to […]

High Desert Museum Again!

We’ve been doing some traveling again and we got to spend a very enjoyable afternoon at the High Desert Museum again. (See my post about our previous visit to see several pictures from the museum.) We discovered two sections that we weren’t able to visit before because they were closed off. One was on science […]

Outdoor Challenge — Cattails

We decided that we definitely wanted to join in the Autumn Outdoor Hour Challenges, but we’ve been a bit behind in actually accomplishing this, so here is our first Autumn study from the challenges–cattails. Partly why we’re behind is that our first attempt to find cattails turned out to be in vain, but […]

Kindergarten/1st Grade Math Lapbook

We have been having way too much fun with math around here. That’s a good sign, because math is supposed to be the most boring subject of all. My kids have had so much fun learning math without a textbook. I wish I would have done this sooner.

Let me tell you why I didn’t. […]