Economic Christmas

If you had the chance to look under our tree this year, you would have been concerned for the retailers in America. There were fewer and smaller presents. Parents and grandparents alike took the economic situation into consideration when doing their shopping. Just as I suspected though, the kids were just as thrilled with their presents as if they had cost ten times as much.

Here are a few pictures of my kids with their Christmas presents.

New book and pencils.

Zippy with Christmas presents

New watch and puzzles.

JDBoy with new watch

New tractor and puzzles.

G'tums with Christmas presents

New bicycle helmets.

New bicycle helmets

Children love surprises. They love expensive surprises and they love cheap surprises. They love full-price surprises and they love marked-down surprises. They just love surprises and that’s what makes Christmas so special.

As you may know, the best surprise for our children this year was a puppy. I’ve already posted about her, but here’s another picture of our adorable little Sadie.

JDboy and Sadie

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