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Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is such a special time. We want to wish a Happy Thanksgiving to all our friends and family.

And whatever you do today—don’t overeat!



Best Friends

For some reason no matter what is outside, looking out the window is more fun with your best friend.


My little girl and her best friend always enjoy their time together.


Mexico Fun

We always love it when we get to take our almost annual trip to Mexico. This year, we were able to do it again, after missing a few years. The sunshine and Vitamin D are a welcome additive to our lives, so is the time with extended family, and also the minimal access to email […]

School Pictures

My husband decided to try his hand at doing school pictures for the kids this year. This is his first try. We’ll see if more come later. The only thing is that Zippy has had braces put on since the pictures were taken. It’s fun to have school pictures though.


Henry Doorly Zoo

This is one of those very much over due posts, but it’s still fun to look back at some of the things that we have done. Here is a photo collection from our visit to the Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium in Omaha, Nebraska, which, mind you, is one of the best zoos on the […]

“G’tums” is Now “Ace”

Well, time is marching on and kids are growing up, and one of my kids does not like the nickname that I have been calling him on my blog, so he has renamed himself. He will no longer be G’tums, which was an abbreviation of a real nickname that I called him. He has been […]

Crater Lake

Unfortunately, we didn’t leave Lassen National Park until late afternoon. I was mistaken on how long it was going to take us to get to Crater Lake, our next stop. We didn’t pull in to Crater Lake until 9 pm. It was (obviously) dark. It was freezing cold. It had just stopped raining, so everything […]

Oregon Coast

To get in the mood for school this year, we took the first week of September and did some amazing sight seeing. I have finally uploaded the pictures to my computer, so this week I will share about the different places that we were able to visit. Enjoy!

Well, the first day we spent […]

An Important Day — A baptism

Recently our second child decided that he would like to give his heart to Jesus in a public way. It was a very special day for not only him, but for me too. It is my hope and prayer that all of my children will give their hearts to Jesus as children, as teens, as […]

A Day at the Park

Everybody loves a day at the park. Even I do, even though my kids don’t think I go nearly often enough. Recently we spent a day at a new park, just because my husband wanted to take pictures there. He got some great shots too, so that means that I definitely have to blog about […]