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Story of the World vol. 2 and History Through the Ages

I have already shared that we love Story of the World history books and History Through the Ages timelines by Homeschool in the Woods. (See post about Story of the World, vol. 1) I am working my way through compiling lists of what timeline pieces correspond with which chapters from Story of the World.

Here […]

Curriculum for 2014/2015

Well here it is—another school year is upon us. Last year I managed to hardly spend any money on school supplies, this year caught me by surprise by the expense. The really expensive part is that my daughter will be taking Biology this year. Hopefully we can use some of this stuff three more times […]

Homeschool Convention

Okay, I love homeschool conventions. For some reason, it’s where I get my homeschool recharge each year. Just as I’m finishing up a school year and bemoaning the things that I wanted to do that we didn’t do, I get all excited about the next year and what we will do then. If you need […]

Book Review—Mindset by Carol Dweck

I recently listened to an audiobook that was recommended by a friend, so I decided to give the book a review on my blog as it did somewhat apply to homeschooling.

The book title was Mindset: The New Psychology of Success. The author was Carol Dweck.

This book is based on years of research […]

Back to School—2013

School began in earnest for us last Monday, as we took a deep breath and cracked open new books and started away.

This time of the school year is always so fun and new. We all wonder how it will go this year; if the new science curriculum will be as fun as the pictures […]

Spelling Practice

So JD Boy (fourth grade) does not like spelling. After spending too many days demanding that it has to be done the way I say, I decided to try to figure out ways to make it more appealing to a nine-year-old boy.

I finally came up with one way for him to practice his […]

Curriculum 2012/2013

I have three kids to plan for this year: Zippy (girl, age 12), JD Boy (boy, age 9) and G’tums (boy, age 6). I have to plan for the two year old too, but that kind of planning changes from day to day. I’ve found it to be a challenge to figure which subjects can […]

Scholastic Dollar Deals

Scholastic is having another one of their Dollar Deals. I had fun shopping the sale yesterday. Here is one of the things I purchased.

This is from the book: File-Folder Games in Color: Alphabet. It is game to practice matching lowercase letters with uppercase letters. My kindergartener and I have been having […]

The Kindergartner

I happen to think that I have one of the cutest kindergartners on the planet living at my house. Here he is with his scooter. He spends hours on that scooter. He tries to keep up with his older siblings on their roller blades, but scooters are hard to get to go as fast as […]

Does Vacation Count for School?

So how do you receive counsel about homeschooling from non-homeschoolers? Do you grin and bare it? Do you stick your fingers in your ears? Do you nod your head in agreement with something you know you’ll never actually worry about or do? Do you roll your eyes? Do you give the reasons why the speaker […]