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Our New School Room

One of the fun things about moving to a new house is that we now have a new school room. I actually am in love with our school room. It is in the attic and only has sky lights for windows. It is a long room, with lots of wall space for books. It was […]

Soldiers at the Neighbor's House

This is what I heard this afternoon.

"Mo-o-om! There are soldiers at the neighbor’s house!"

You see my kids were outside playing during school hours. After all, even homeschoolers deserve recess (and I needed to get the refrigerator cleaned out.)  My kids have already discovered that sometimes people notice them during school hours and […]


I’m sitting here in the middle of suitcases, sorting laundry and feeling a bit disenchanted by the whole concept of traveling. Don’t get me wrong, I have enjoyed the last three weeks, (Did I mention that we have been traveling for three weeks?) but three weeks is a long time to be away. We’ve visited […]

The Outdoor Classroom

We had the privilege of camping at Glacier National Park all last week. It was stunning and I have tons of pictures to sort through to share with you, but I’m just going to post this one today, because it’s so neat.

We owe a thank you to a fellow hiker who […]

Learning while Visiting

While we were in New Mexico, we were so privileged to get some really quality time with friends and family. Spending time with others is really a great learning opportunity for my children. Our friends and family have experience, perspective and knowledge that I don’t have and they just unwittingly share with the children. My […]


I have been trying to follow the Moore Formula in our homeschooling adventure. (See my post about the Moore Formula.) One of the things that the Moore Formula includes is service for others. I always feel like this area needs work in our family, but I’m happy to report that my children, especially my daughter, […]

Kids Play Their History Lessons

Today JD Boy wouldn’t stop: "Mommy, mommy, please video us." He is one of if not the most persistent child I’ve ever met. I was so busy and didn’t really have time, but if you’ve read the parable about the unjust judge in the Bible then you already know that persistence pays off. Finally, I […]

Snow or Shine?

Our weather can’t make up it’s mind. What’s up with this anyway? I caught a couple of fun pictures of my kids in the different types of weather that we’ve had within the last week.

Zippy thought when it was nice, that outside would be the best place to do her math. I […]

Reality Check

I decided it was time for a reality check as to how my year is going in homeschool. When I look through my list of goals from August and look at what we’ve done, I wish we would have done more. Maybe I’ll always wish that. I’m very glad for what we have done. The […]

Moore Formula

We have chosen to homeschool using the Moore Formula. It just makes so much sense. I decided to blog about it today.

It was developed by Dr. Raymond Moore, who The Old Schoolhouse magazine referred to as the grandfather of homeschooling.

It is so much more than Charlotte Mason, unit studies or Ruth Beechick, […]