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George Washington Carver

I’m busy sorting through some older school stuff and I keep coming across things that just makes me a little sentimental. This is a page that Zippy narrated five years ago after we read the book A Weed is a Flower by Aliki, which by the way, is a really great little book. And […]

Poetry for Everybody

I attended a seminar at my state homeschool convention this last summer by Andrew Pudewa. I went away from that seminar with all kinds of ideas about how to teach my children to be good writers. Now to carry all of it out.

One of the things, that I was interested in was his thoughts […]

Spelling Practice

So JD Boy (fourth grade) does not like spelling. After spending too many days demanding that it has to be done the way I say, I decided to try to figure out ways to make it more appealing to a nine-year-old boy.

I finally came up with one way for him to practice his […]

Dick & Jane Reader

Here is another video. Just thought it was too cute to not share. G’tums is reading his first Dick & Jane book and is so proud of himself. I can’t help it, even though he is my third child to start reading, I get goose bumps at hearing him read his first readers. It’s kind […]