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San Diego Zoo

After all my comments that I was not so impressed with Sea World, I loved the San Diego zoo. We probably should have spent several days between the zoo and the wild animal park. They were both super neat. If you can only do one thing in San Diego, definitely choose the zoo. Okay, that’s […]

Sea World San Diego

If you can’t tell, I’m trying to catch up. Seems like that is often what I’m doing on this blog–trying to catch up. Anyway, here’s to a fun day at Sea World San Diego. Sea World was fun. The whales were beautiful. The dolphins were intriguing. But I don’t know, theme parks and I just […]

USS Midway

Photo Credit: By US Navy Employee (Naval Historical Center) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

One of the very interesting museums that we visited last week was the USS Midway Aircraft Carrier. We ended up spending five hours touring that massive ship. I have no idea how the crew […]

Big Bend Pt. 3 – The Family

Pictures. Pictures. And more pictures. Pictures of the people rather than just the scenery. From oldest to youngest.

Big Bend, Pt. 1

We made a speedy trip to Big Bend National Park a few weeks back. This was another national park that I had wanted to visit for a very long time. We have a few friends who love this park, so I was very curious. It is indeed an amazing park. It is so, so, so […]

Carlsbad Caverns

I have long wanted to visit Carlsbad Caverns and see the bats. Well, I got half my wish–I finally had the opportunity to see the cave but there weren’t any bats.

We went on the self-guided tour through the Big Room. It was absolutely stunning. I was so glad to finally see it for myself, […]

What To Do When You Don’t Have Power

We recently spent four full days without power, plus had another half day without power earlier the same week. No power is a problem. I have to admit it’s not as much of a problem for us as it is for some others, because we have a generator, but nonetheless, much of life is put […]

Chief Seattle

My kids love all things Native American. They think it’s very cool that Seattle was named after Chief Seattle. Zippy was quite excited to get out of the car one day, when we were in Seattle and take this picture of the Chief Seattle fountain in Pioneer Square.

And […]

Mount Saint Helens and the 7 Wonders Museum

We have been studying the Bible story of Creation for our Bible class, both from the Bible and from the book Patriarchs and Prophets. So I thought that it would be fun to visit a Creation Museum to confirm some of what we were studying. When my children were very little, my husband and I […]

Model of Moses’ Tabernacle

My daughter recently finished studying a thirteen week-long study about Moses’ Tabernacle, called “Path to the Throne” by Young Disciple Ministries. From that lesson guide, she studied about how the Sanctuary symbolizes the plan of salvation. For example, she learned Who the lamb represented that was sacrificed for sins in the Sanctuary service. That symbol […]