Big Bend Pt. 3 – The Family

Pictures. Pictures. And more pictures. Pictures of the people rather than just the scenery. From oldest to youngest.

Grandparents in Big Bend

Grandparents in Big Bend

Quite a View in Big Bend


Zippy (age 11) in Big Bend

Budding Phtographer

JD Boy (age 9) in Big Bend

G'tums (age 6) in Big Bend

Rock Climbing (Gtums age 6)

King on the Mountain (Gtums age 6)

A Big Boy in Big Bend

Camping Baby (age 20 months or so)

Our tents

The last picture is just because I wanted to record for posterity that Nana and Papa went camping with us and actually slept in one of those tents! They had quite a thrill and promised us that this was the last time that they would do that. They had some creature, what it was nobody knows, come scratching at their tent in the middle of the night. Different possible guesses that were made were: humanoids, bear, javelina, skunks, you name it. Whatever the case, neither of them appreciated the visit one bit and are now in the market for an RV, just in case you have one to give away. Thanks Nana and Papa for all that you went through to make a fun vacation for us!

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