Model of Moses’ Tabernacle

My daughter recently finished studying a thirteen week-long study about Moses’ Tabernacle, called “Path to the Throne” by Young Disciple Ministries. From that lesson guide, she studied about how the Sanctuary symbolizes the plan of salvation. For example, she learned Who the lamb represented that was sacrificed for sins in the Sanctuary service. That symbol is perhaps the most obvious, but there were so many interesting symbolisms that could be seen in the Tabernacle and the whole Sanctuary service. And this lesson guide was prepared to make it interesting to tweens/teens.

Just as she was finishing up the study, we found out that within driving distance from us, some people had built a model of Moses’ Tabernacle. (It was hosted at Sunset Lake, a Christian summer camp a ways away from us.) We headed there with some friends to take the tour. The camp director spoke of each of the pieces of furniture and what they represented in the plan of salvation. We were all better able to get an idea of how big the courtyard and furniture was. We were a little disappointed with how primitive the model was. We have often heard of the traveling Messiah’s Mansion, and we were hoping that we were going to see something of that calibre. (We hope that someday Messiah’s Mansion will be close enough that we can visit it.) The one we visited wasn’t nearly as nicely finished and wasn’t quite accurate to scale, but it was quite a bit nicer than anything we will ever get around to doing ourselves, so we still enjoyed it.

Here are some pictures that Zippy took of the model.

The Front Gate:

Front Gate

The Altar of Sacrifice:

Altar of Sacrifice

The Lavar (Wash Basin):


The Seven-branc Candlestick:


The Altar of Incense:

Altar of Incense

The Table of Showbread:

Table of Showbread

The Ark of the Covenant and Mercy Seat:

Ark of the Covenant (A little primitive)

The Ark of the Covenant was the piece of furniture that seemed the most primitive, but it was okay. The Holy and Most Holy place were not built to the same scale as the Courtyard and the Furniture. It should have been twice as tall as it was. But we still got a pretty good feel for the size of everything.

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  • December 8, 2011 at 6:06 pm

    What a great study! And Yes! If you get a chance to see Messiahs Mansion~ it is worth it!

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