Boys Can Do Handicrafts Too

Who says that girls’ projects are only for girls to do and vice versa? JD Boy has taken an interest in several of the handicraft type projects that Zippy and I have been doing together. He’s tried his hand at knitting and crochet. He knitted this scarf that he is wearing in this picture. He was quite proud of it.

JD Boy's (age 9) Scarf that he Knitted

He especially took a fancy to this embroidery machine that I got. Maybe it was the machine part that was interesting to him, since he’s a boy, I don’t know; but he had fun making this present for his grandparents.

JD Boy's (age 9) First Punch Embroidery

If you’re curious about the machine, here is the link to the Easy Punch Machine.

p.s. Sometime I will post about my daughter learning about small machine repair. I thought that was a good thing for girls to learn. Like I said, who said only boys can do boys’s things and vice versa.

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