Geography Notebook

Sometime ago, we started making a Geography Notebook. We started out by learning a few of the basic geography terms and locations–such as, North, South, Tropic of Cancer, hemisphere, etc. The main book we used was one that we checked out from the library called, Geography From A to Z: A Picture Glossary. This is a fun and easy book to learn basic geography terms from, partly because the illustrations are so nice. We also checked out and read the book, Maps and Globes by Jack Knowlton. This also has nice illustrations and simple text to help us understand how to read maps and globes. We enjoyed this book too, but the first one was more of a favorite.

All three of my older children joined in this endeavor, even the preschooler. Here are some pictures of the covers. Each one has at least one picture of Earth and then they each have a compass rose fold-up book. I can’t remember the name of this fold for my lapbook buddies, sorry. We just folded each of the four corners into the middle.

Front Page of Geography Notebooks

When you open up the compass books there is a map inside. Here is a picture of JD Boy’s hand-draw map of our culdesac.

Map of Culdesac

We also have some pages on Latitude and Longitude. All of the Latitude pages are available at my Homeschool Launch profile. Here is the link to these Latitude Notebook Pages.


I made this layered book of the important latitude divisions with G’tums, my preschooler. Each division is it’s own layer. This one is also available at Homeschool Launch. Here is the link.

Layered Latitude Book

Zippy designed her own Longitude/Prime Meridian page. But I designed JD Boy’s and it also can be downloaded from my Homeschool Launch profile. Here is the link to that file.

Prime Meridian/Longitude Pages

We also worked through this glossary of geography terms. This page is from the Homeschool in the Woods World Maps CD.

Geography Vocabulary

Now that we have all these terms learned, we are working on learning about places. We are having even more fun with this part. We have been reading some interesting stories and biographies about different countries, but I will save that for another post…or several.

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