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Colonial Life Unit

Whew! We spent so long studying about the Thirteen Colonies and Colonial life. We started this study when I was pregnant, and it kind of came to a hault when I was so sick. But we finally finished it. We decided that we wanted to finish it with a Colonial meal, then we realized that […]

Composer Unit Study

We recently finished a unit on classical composers. We decided to just do an overview of them. We gathered up resources from a few places and really enjoyed every single one of them. We listened to every CD in the “Story of Composers” series. (Here is a link to the one on Bach. You can […]

Kindergarten/1st Grade Math Lapbook

We have been having way too much fun with math around here. That’s a good sign, because math is supposed to be the most boring subject of all. My kids have had so much fun learning math without a textbook. I wish I would have done this sooner.

Let me tell you why I didn’t. […]

Train Tot Lapbook

The littlest member of my family is always wanting to "do school". He enjoys it more than anybody in the house, I think. He’s so anxious to grow up! (But I’m not anxious for him to grow up.)

This morning I asked G’tums what was his plan for today and he told me that he […]

Penguin Lapbook

We were so busy during the Children’s Bible Class that I posted about before, that we had a hard time keeping up with everything. So one morning I said to the kids, let’s do something on a preschool level that we would all enjoy. John Deere Boy came up with this idea and it was […]

Free Lapbook Giveaway

I just stumbled across the Homeschooling Hearts and Minds blog and thought you might be interested in this free giveaway. It’s one of the nicest lapbooks, I’ve ever seen. I actually already have it and we did part of it last summer when we studied the Early Christian Church, so I know you’ll love it! […]

My Thoughts on Lapbooks

I have had several different questions about the different lapbooks that we’ve made. I decided that I would just write a post on my developing philosophy of lapbooking as well as share my favorite resources.

A little history: I do not consider us to be “pro-lapbookers”. It’s something that we have learned to enjoy […]

Human Body Unit & Lapbook

We have been studying about the human body for several weeks. Our core book or spine has been the book The House We Live In. It is an older book (written in early 1900’s) that includes information not only about the body but how to keep it healthy. I really appreciated this approach. We have […]

Thanksgiving Lapbooks

I’m finally getting our Thanksgiving Lapbooks posted on here. Thanksgiving came at the right time this year! We had just finished studying Jamestown so studying about the Pilgrims was the next chronological thing.

The books we read on this subject were Squanto And The Miracle Of Thanksgiving, Stories of the Pilgrims, The Thanksgiving Story and […]

Pocahontas & John Smith Lapbook

These lapbooks were simple, but they were especially fun because the children came up with what they wanted in them themselves. I, of course, had to help, but I let them design them and choose everything themselves. We just searched in Google images for most of the clipart and we had fun. (Unless noted artwork […]