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I said I had a lot to share, so I’d better get started. I wanted to share about our Children’s Bible class that we just finished. We had so much fun and learned a lot too….especially me, because I was the teacher! We held our meetings for 20 nights over a five week period and it was open to the public. Many of our studies were based on Bible prophecy. We, of course, were covering these not on a college level but at a primary level. The study was for children. So we studied prophecies such as the image in Daniel 2; comparing the days of Noah with our day as in Matthew 24; when Jesus returns; also some things in the past that have really changed history such as how sin entered the universe and then Adam and Eve’s first sin, and, of course, Jesus’ death (that was included in several studies) as well several more.

Our program went something like this:

We started out with a short song service. All of our songs were scripture songs. I love many different children’s songs, but I thought this was a wonderful way to help the children memorize some precious gems from their Bibles. Then we followed with our opening prayer.

After the prayer, we had a mystery box. This was one of the favorite activities. Each night we had a different object in the box that was related to our topic for the evening and then the kids were given hints as to what it was and they all tried to guess. Because we had such an age spread, and we discovered that the oldest ones were the best guessers, we had the older kids (7 years and up) whisper their answer to us and. If they were right, they were to come up with the next clue to give, that gave more people an opportunity to guess and allowed for the younger children to get it right, which really made them smile.

Next came the special feature. This also was a real highlight. Each night one of my friends presented a science nugget that could be tied in with the lesson. For instance, when we studied Revelation 1:7, she made homemade binoculars. When we studied the Three Worthies and when we studied about Mt. Carmel, she did demonstrations with fire. When we studied about Satan, she did a feature on snakes. All of them were really great. This was my favorite part, but maybe that’s because I didn’t teach that part!

Science Experiment at Children's BIble Class

Next we had our Bible lesson. I taught each lesson with felts (the Through the Bible with Felts set) I learned so much studying for teaching these lessons. If none of the children were blessed, which I hope they were, at least I was. I enjoyed it so much. I spent so much time studying and I love studying. In each lesson, I tried to bring it down to a practical level. For instance, when we did the story of Jonah, we talked about how to confess our sins as well as learning about how we will face a judgment.

Bible Lesson at Children's Bible Class

Every night we read from the Bible and we provided a Bible for each child so that they could follow along. Even the non-readers loved having us help them look up the verses in the Bible and show them where we would be reading from. They were so proud of their Bibles. The older ones had opportunity to see for themselves what the Bible had to say on the different subjects each night. Each night we tried to summarize the stories that we were learning from as a choice for the children to make. Basically the choices were to give our hearts to Jesus and be saved or not and be lost.

After the lesson was finished, we learned a new memory verse each night and then we made a craft. Our crafts (as well as many of the ideas for how we did the meetings) came from Feeding His Lambs Ministry. The kids and the parents loved these crafts. Each night a craft page was added to their growing book and the page emphasized what we had studied that evening.

Making Crafts at Children's Bible Class

I enjoyed this project so much, even though I was a bit tired a few of the evenings. We made some good friends with the kids who came (and their parents) and watching children learn about the Bible and choose Jesus for themself was so very rewarding. I hope that I will have an opportunity to this again.

Making friends at Children's Bible Class

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  • April 11, 2009 at 10:22 pm

    What a great experience! Looks like a lot of work but that is was a blessing to everyone. I can see my daughter eatting something like that up!

    Becca~Time Well Spent

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