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Lego Organization

Legos can be the bane of a mother’s life. (If you don’t believe me, go buy some Legos for your husband to play with!) Well, my boys have been given gallons of Legos that were second hand and they love playing with them, but we were all tired of dumping them out and digging through […]

Canned Pickles

We finished our first canning project–pickled cucumbers. I’m very thrilled because I have such good helpers. Zippy canned half the jars all by herself.

I sure think they look pretty. Don’t you?

Mother’s Day Service Project

Zippy and I have been working at developing a new hobby–card making. We purchased a few things from Stampin’ Up and dug out some stuff out of the garage and away we went. We’ve been having lots of fun, even though we’re beginners for sure.

We came up with an idea to turn this hobby […]

Service and Healthy Cooking

I try very hard to follow the Moore Formula in homeschooling. One thing this means is that I consider service opportunities an important part of my children’s education. This is one area, I always feel like we need to be improving, but I keep trying. I keep this quote (one of my favorites) in mind: […]

Simple Carpentry with My Boys

My boys love to build things. What boys don’t? So when I can think of something useful for them to build, we’re all happy. It gives them a great opportunity to develop hand-eye coordination as well as some math skills (measuring). You know me, I’m always happy to find ways to teach school subjects with […]

Kitchen Math

Well, we finally officially started back to school on Tuesday. We had a fun and full week.

One of the new things we are trying this year is a new math program, called Math on the Level. It is a very unique math program which I am quite excited about, partly because the editor […]

Canning Peaches

Well, I didn’t finish my list, and my husband gave me two days of work that must be done now, and I looked at the weather and saw that it was supposed to start raining the middle of this week and then rain indefinitely. (That might give my location away.) So I decided to start […]

What Am I Doing Anyway?

I’ve been so negligent about my blog this summer. Sigh. Our plan is to start school on Monday so maybe life will start feeling more structured.

In the meantime, this is what I still really want to get done before Monday. Some of it I have to.

Can and Freeze 180 lbs of peaches (They’re […]

Strawberry Freezer Jam

We’ve been having fun and getting sticky at our house. I think getting sticky is one of my kids’ favorite activities. This time I commissioned them with the job though.

Yesterday we made five flats of strawberries into freezer jam. Yummy!

I took this picture when we were just starting. My fingers were […]