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Canning Peaches

We managed to can over 100 quarts and to freeze about 50 quarts. We will be enjoying lots of peaches this winter, especially peach smoothies from the frozen ones. Yummy! Can’t wait!

We like our set up pretty well, we keep all the mess outside.

I consider canning to be a very educational […]

Summer Grilling

We got a new appliance at our house this year, and we have been having lots of fun. We held off for a long time on one of these, because we are vegetarian, and we weren’t sure that we’d really use it as vegetarians, but we were wrong. The kids and the dad, especially love […]

Child Evangelism

One of my goals, as a homeschool mom, is to help my children have opportunities to bless others. I also want opportunities for myself like that. I, personally, think that I bless people every day in my home and that that is my primary mission field right now, but I also find myself incredibly blessed […]

Canned Pickles

We finished our first canning project–pickled cucumbers. I’m very thrilled because I have such good helpers. Zippy canned half the jars all by herself.

I sure think they look pretty. Don’t you?