Saguaro Cactus

There are two things that I have wanted to see for a long, long time. I guess when you live in a rainforest, or nearly a rainforest, you long to learn about the desert. Anyway, for a long, long time, I have wanted to see a Roadrunner and I have wanted to see Saguaro Cactus. When we went on our trip several weeks ago, I finally got to check both of these things off my list. I was quite excited about that.

This little Roadrunner came right up to beg scraps from us while we ate a picnic lunch. We were so excited, that we stopped eating for awhile just to look at him. I mean you just don’t see one of these guys in the Pacific Northwest.

Road Runner

Just a few feet from where we ate our picnic lunch, we saw these special Saguaros. These aren’t just plain ole’ Saguaros, they are crowned Saguaros. There are only like 200 of them in the world. I don’t know if that’s the exact right number, but it’s something like that.

Crowned Saguaro in Sabino Canyon

And then a shot of some just plain ole’ Saguaros. They just look so neat, I think.

Sabino Canyon

I enjoyed my visit very much to the Saguaro National Park and Sabino Canyon and the whole Tucson area in general. I was so thrilled to finally see the giant cacti and the famous Roadrunner. But I’m going to be terribly honest, I was very happy to come home and see the towering trees around my house. I guess rain does bring blessings to our home. And besides, it was cloudy the whole time we were in Tucson, so now I’m wondering if the rumors about the sun always shining there are true or not!

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