Happy First Birthday, Baby!

This is actually old news, but I still want to post it on my blog, because it was a fun day!

Time flies. That is one thing that parents all agree on. Children just keep growing and growing. (And parents keep aging, but that’s a different story.)

The past year has been a whirlwind. And I can’t believe that our baby is now one. I love those newborn days and smells. And I did my best to cherish every moment, because I have, by now, learned from experience that newborn is a fleeting stage of life. But one year-olds are no less enjoyable. They are so fun. Personality starts popping out. They learn to toddle around. They learn to say “mama”, which thrills my heart every time I hear it. They learn to say “no”, which, well, isn’t quite as much of a blessing. They enjoy eating real food and make a glorious mess of it too. We are having so much fun with our little miss. She is definitely my most serious baby. If you come and introduce yourself to her, she will scowl back at you, very skeptically. So don’t feel offended, she does it to everybody. On the other hand, she’s quite the clown and can have us doubled over with laughter on a regular basis. You’d love to meet her. Well, everybody loves to meet babies, so I knew that was safe to say.

We had the privilege of taking our family, along with some of our closest friends, on an all day excursion for her first birthday.

Two Babies

Here she is enjoying the beach with her little friend. Both our families love the outdoors and are introducing even our youngest ones to that love as quickly as possible.

1 year old

She didn’t get to blow out her candle. In fact we couldn’t even get it to light. The breeze was too strong. But, oh well, most one year olds are pretty baffled by having to blow out candles.

A metal water bottle for baby

Now she’s ready to hike in style. Her big sis got her, her very own sippy-cup water bottle.

Learning to slide

Up the slide…

Learning to slide

And down.

Happy birthday, Baby!

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