Baby Pictures

Baby pictures are so special. These are some that are several months old that I didn’t get around to sharing before. They are just so special, I’m just going to share them now. These first ones were taken at seven months.

Cute Baby -- 7 months

Cute Baby -- 7 months

Cute Baby -- 7 months

Aren’t I cute in sister’s headbands?

Nina -- 7 months

Chiquita con el sombrero

Baby Hands

I just love those chubby baby hands.

These next ones were taken at eight months.

Baby 8 months

Baby and Uncle (8 months)

This last one is extra special, because that is a picture of my brother that passed away this summer holding our little baby. She won’t ever remember him, but at least there are pictures she can study someday when she is older to see that he loved her. I lost an uncle when I was fifteen, my younger sister hadn’t been born yet. She told me when she saw this picture how much she wished that she had pictures with our uncle. I’m sure more nieces and nephews will come along to our family that won’t have pictures with Uncle Ben and that just brings a few tears to my eyes to think about.

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