Spring is here?

I’m so ready for spring and summer. I must have cabin fever. Just two days ago we woke up to snow on the ground. Even the kids were disappointed. I woke the kids up and said, "I have a surprise for you!" JD Boy went to the window and groaned, "Oh no. Not again. I’m tired of that stuff." I asked G’tums if he wanted to go sledding and he looked up at me with a puzzled look and said, "I don’t know." We don’t get much snow where we live. So my kids are usually so excited for snow. They’ll sled on a quarter-inch of the white stuff, but not now. They’d had their fill. Me too. I’m ready for green and for flowers and all the things that make Summer so beautiful where I live.

But today was a totally different story. We were all itching to go outside today and do some exploring to see what we could find. We worked on math and some history for awhile, but outside was calling. I wanted to see if I could find the signs of Spring, like maybe some wild flowers. And when I got out there, lo and behold Spring was there to greet us. I was thrilled with the things we found.


The blackberries are starting to bud.


Moss is turning that living green color. I love it.


Spring is here and I was so excited, but my kids were on their own exploration. We started reading a book this week called: African Savanah (One Small Square). We are really enjooying this book. I highly recommend it for the K-3 age group. Even preschoolers like it–at least mine does. It’s about the habitat of the Serengeti.

Anyway, all of that to say that my kids wanted to pretend we were going exploring in Africa even though I was out searching for signs of Spring and wildflowers. They got outside before me. And when I got out there, they had a Rubbermaid container full of grass and mud and they were stomping it with a stick. When they saw my quizzical look, which meant "Why do you always want to do the messiest projects you can think of?" They said, "We are making fufu!"

I know you’re wondering, "What on earth is fufu?" Well, you see, my husband has gone on two mission trips to the interior of the Democratic Republic of Congo and he always tells about this stuff that the Africans eat called fufu. It’s made out of rehydrating dried cassava with warm water and, according to my husband, it is about the consistency of playdough. This fufu is the main staple where he visited. In fact, I have a picture.

Eating Fufu in Democratic Republic of Congo

The fufu is the stuff in the center bowl. They dip it into the sauces in the other bowls.

So making fufu is the reason that my kids had concocted such a mess. I guess that sounds a little more creative than what my brother and I always told our mom–we said we were making mud pies. My kids, at least, came up with a name on their own, instead of copying one out of a bedtime story book. And once they finished making their "fufu", they were ready for their excursion to the African Savannah!

So here they are, busy exploring the Savannah:

Pretend Savannah

Looking at grass

She’s trying to learn if our grass is the same as what grows in the Savannah.

Guess what! They even found a water hole. Oh, no! Another mess.

But I was still busy, whether I was in Africa or at home in America, trying to prove to myself that it was Spring. I thought that surely I would find some wild flowers blooming. I have seen pictures of them on the Outdoor Hour Nature Blog and I wanted to find some of my own. But hence, I think I live farther north than they do. I did find that some of the shrubs that we have planted are flowering and that the bees have discovered them. I sure hope this means that the wild flowers will show up soon.

honey bee

My search was nearly in vain. Would you believe it though, I finally found three, yes 3, wild flowers. And they were all the same kind. Here is one of them. I’ll let you identify it.


Well, I’d sure like to find some wild flowers that were a little more exotic than that. I usually call these weeds and yank them out, but since that was all I could find, I left it. Maybe I’d better go to Africa and see if they have some wild flowers for me to see.

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