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Model of Moses’ Tabernacle

My daughter recently finished studying a thirteen week-long study about Moses’ Tabernacle, called “Path to the Throne” by Young Disciple Ministries. From that lesson guide, she studied about how the Sanctuary symbolizes the plan of salvation. For example, she learned Who the lamb represented that was sacrificed for sins in the Sanctuary service. That symbol […]

Ten Commandments Lapbook

At our home, we have been working on setting chapters of the Bible to memory. Three of my kids are old enough to memorize the Bible and are each working on different chapters. My oldest is learning 1 Corinthians 13, the love chapter. My next child is learning The Beatitudes, or Happy Attitudes as he […]

Children's Bible Class

I said I had a lot to share, so I’d better get started. I wanted to share about our Children’s Bible class that we just finished. We had so much fun and learned a lot too….especially me, because I was the teacher! We held our meetings for 20 nights over a five week period and […]

Early Christian Church Lapbook

Another lapbook! This one corresponded with our children’s Bible class on the life of Paul and Peter after Jesus’ ascension to heaven. The lessons we studied  were from My Bible First and they were the Year C, quarter 2 lessons of the My Bible Says set. And once again many of the booklets are from […]

Jesus’ Death and Resurrection Lapbook

In August Zippy did her second lapbook. It was on the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. This was to correspond with the children’s Bible lessons that we were studying from My Bible First on the closing scenes of Christ’s life. These lessons were part of Year C Quarter 1 of the My Bible Says […]