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Ten Commandments Lapbook

At our home, we have been working on setting chapters of the Bible to memory. Three of my kids are old enough to memorize the Bible and are each working on different chapters. My oldest is learning 1 Corinthians 13, the love chapter. My next child is learning The Beatitudes, or Happy Attitudes as he calls them. And my preschooler is learning Psalm 23. We have been using the books and CD’s from Thy Word Creations for this endeavor, so that we are also learning the chapters set to music.

I believe that memorizing the Bible strengthens our minds, besides giving a spiritual blessing. I believe that time spent in memorizing the Bible with my children will not be lost on their other school subjects, because I believe so strongly that it will strengthen their minds and actually help them in the other subjects, as well. And most importantly, I’ve been claiming this verse for my children, while I help them with their memorization: “Thy Word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee.” (Psalm 119:11.)

The passage that JD Boy just finished memorizing was the Ten Commandments. He had a hard time keeping the last six in order, so he decided that he would like to make a simple lapbook to help him visualize their order. Here are some pictures of his lapbook.

Ten Commandment Lapbook Cover

Ten Commandments Matchbooks

Each matchbook has the Commandment number on the top flap, a picture to go with the respective Commandment on the bottom flap, and the words of the Commandment on the inside. Here is the inside of the Tenth Commandment book.

Tenth Commandment Picture Flap

Tenth Commandment Words

Since JD Boy and I designed these matchbooks ourselves, I uploaded them to HSLaunch, so you can use them for free. I have also uploaded the pages that my daughter used for copywork when she memorized the Ten Commandments a couple of years ago.

The links:
Ten Commandment Matchbooks
Ten Commandment Copywork Notebook Pages

4 comments to Ten Commandments Lapbook

  • Donna

    Awesome, Rhonda! I also believe this is the best thing we can accomplish in our homeschooling and it will greatly strengthen other areas! I’m sad to admit we’ve been sorely lacking in this area and it’s been just recently that we are getting back to scripture memorization. I always enjoy your updates. Keep ’em coming. You’re an inspiration. :)

  • This looks awesome!! I’ll be printing these off for my boys.

  • Dianne

    What a wonderful idea Rhonda! Thanks so much for sharing it. You have inspired me to get back to having my boys memorize Scripture. Have been wanting to, but haven’t been making it a priority. Your blog is a real blessing!!

  • Michele-Ann

    Hi Rhonda this is awesome, we’re studying this in our Sabbath School class and I love the matchbooks. How can I download them along with the copy work sheet?. HSlaunch doesn’t seem to be working.

    Thanks again this is truly a blessing.

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