Rosario Beach

Rosario Beach is one of my favorite spots in the world. (If you’ve followed my blog or Facebook long, you already knew that.) We recently made an unplanned trip there. We just zipped over there, because we had tried to see something not far away that didn’t work out.

We did all the usual stuff that we like to do there. We went searching for those perfectly round smooth stones to use as skipping rocks. Then we had a try to see who get manage the most skips. Those of us that are beginners spent more time practicing and honing our skill, so that we won’t stay beginners forever.

G'tums Skipping Rocks

My boys think they are monkeys that have been moved to the wrong continent. They love climbing. At Rosario there is this one specific root that they always climb. It started when I was pregnant with G’tums. I have many pictures of them at different ages climbing that root. Someday I’m going to compare the series to show how they’ve grown compared to the root. This time it was in church clothes, no less.

G'tums Climbing the Root Rosario JD Climbing Rosario

We climbed rocks.

G'tums Rock Climbing

Climbed stumps.


Ran down trails.

JD Boy (age 9) climbing

Sat down for a break.

Zippy (age 12)

Went tide-pooling in search of the coolest hermit crab in the neighborhood.

Tidepooling Rosario

Gave Grandpa a thorough lesson in nature study.

Grandpa and Baby Rosario

Hollered for the fun of it.

Toothless Grin - Gtums (age 6)

And visited with family that had come to visit.

Three Bumps on a Log

Rosario beach is always a fun place to go. This trip was no exception!

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