Discovery Park–Seattle, WA

A few weeks ago we got to take a very enjoyable walk at Discovery Park in Seattle, Washington. If you ever visit Seattle and enjoy walking and want to get away from blacktop and skyscrapers, visit Discovery Park. It’s really neat. We only scratched the surface. There was a lot more to see and many more walks to take. Maybe we’ll go back again sometime and do some more exploring.

One of the neatest things to watch from there is the sailboats. There are points where you can look right out on the Puget Sound and on a nice day, it is full of sailboats. You can also look across the water and see the Olympic Mountains–beautiful.


This is our only picture of the water. You can just barely see the Olympics in the background and our big bodies are blocking all the sailboats. Sorry my eyes were closed. It was very bright that day.

Zippy using the birdscope

Whie we were standing on this deck, we got to see the most beautiful little bird. He stayed in one place for quite awhile so we got out the bird scope and each enjoyed a real close look at him.

Anna's Hummingbird

Here he is–an Anna’s Hummingbird.

Anna's Hummingbird

Zippy snapped this photo with her dad’s camera. I just love how his feathers reflected in this picture, even though it looks like he’s wearing a mask.

Smelling Wild Roses

There were wild roses all around that deck. We enjoyed watching the bees fly in and out of them, but we really enjoyed smelling them.

Then we took off on a walk and these are some of the things we found.

Indian Artifact

This was an artifact saved from the demolition of a building in Tacoma, Washington that had been built in 1909. it is called the Guardian of the Spirit. There were even little bowls on the ground where somebody had left their offering to the spirit, I guess. My kids were convinced it was a real idol. They may have been right.


We had the opportunity to see some beautiful flowers along the path. I think they were cultivated at some point, but they definitely were not being maintained when we saw them. Not quite sure what the story was on that. My six-year-old son took this picture of the Iris.


JD Boy took this shot of a Columbine. I think Columbine are just such delicate and special flowers.

Daisy in a puddle

JD Boy also took this picture. He thought it was so amazing to see that daisy growing in that puddle.

Big Leaf Maple

JD Boy and Zippy were very impressed by the size of these Maple leaves. They might have worked for a hat!


And this little guy was our last discovery from Discovery Park, but I haven’t succeeded in identifying him. Insects are another thing we need to learn more about.  UPDATE: Somebody helped me identify him: Buprestis aurulenta. It looks like he’s a bad guy. He can bore holes right through tar roofs and cause all kinds of damage to wood structures. And we thought he was just so pretty.

We didn’t take the time to read about anything that we saw from this walk, we just enjoyed seeing it and smelling it and appreciating it and being thankful to the God who made these things for us.

Here is a quote that I just love about taking children into nature:

"How can children receive a more correct knowledge of God, and their minds be better impressed, than in spending a portion of their time out-of-doors, not in play, but in company with their parents? Let their young minds be associated with God in the beautiful scenery of nature; let their attention be called to the tokens of His love to man in His created works, and they will be attracted and interested." Child Guidance, p. 534.

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  • June 25, 2009 at 12:17 pm

    What a great day at the park. It looks so beautiful.



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