Let it Snow!

I live in a place where the almanac claims that it supersedes 90F 4 days a year and it stays below freezing 4 days a year. Well, I can’t always understand the whole global warming thing, because since we’ve lived here, the almanac has been about right on the over 90F part, but we’ve had more freezes than that. I know global warming is a complicated theory and I’m looking at it simplistically, but let me just say that it’s freezing here right now. It’s the 3rd day in a row to not get above freezing. So we’ll see if the almanac proves true this year, but the weather better cooperate soon! With all that said, we don’t get a lot of freezes probably not more than two weeks a year and it doesn’t stay below freezing all day long all of those days either, so maybe the almanac is right, I don’t know. Anyway, according to our kids we don’t get near enough snow, so when it comes, it is very special. It snowed here Friday night and we still have snow. And we’re supposed to get more later in the week.

The only problem with this whole pictures is that my in-laws are supposed to be driving half-way across the country this week to see us, and I wish the weather would smile on them. We’re all so anxious for them to arrive.

Since we are having fun in the snow, here are a few pictures.

Zippy Sledding 12/14/08

JDBoy Sledding 12/14/08

Let me tell you what I discovered yesterday about this weather–it is very time consuming. Since we get it so rarely the hats and the mittens and the snow pants are all packed away and not necessarily together. And then since we don’t have it too often we don’t have a dedicated spot for this stuff that is handy to get to, so I either leave half of it on the floor in the entry or I put it all way back. So yesterday, when the kids went out to play, it took me 1 hour to get them all dressed and my toddler was cold within 30 minutes after going out. Oh, well it was worth it!

Here is my toddler all bundled up.

I Cold! G'tums 12/14/08

Let it snow!!

One thought on “Let it Snow!

  • December 15, 2008 at 10:18 pm

    I know exactly what you mean! We've got freezing rain that if it decides to turn into snow, I'm in trouble, because the hats and gloves are in my closet, but the snow pants are in a tub out xin the shed! When we lived in CA, we'd get the snow pants out every winter because we took lots of trips to the mountains. Here in East Texas, snow is too rare to keep snow pants out!

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