Smith Rock–a walk with Daddy

Our vacation was enjoyable and refreshing. In fact, a couple of days ago I was introducing myself to a lady who knew one of my siblings and as I chatted with her, she asked me if I had started a family yet. I told her that we have three children and introduced them to her. She said, "Oh! You’re so young!" I decided my vacation must have done a lot of good, if I look too young to have started a family! I’m not going to ask anybody else for their opinions. Thank you very much!

I want to share a few of the things we got to do while we were gone. (Besides doing math in the car.) We went to walk at a really neat place called Smith Rock. It is located in Central Oregon and is a favorite attraction for rock climbers. Actually, it’s considered the birthplace of modern American sport climbing.  It has climbing faces for every expertise and has miles of trails that wind around it. The Crooked River runs around the bottom of it. We’re not much of rock climbers, but we like to take walks in nice places and this definitely qualified.

Smith Rock

G’tums fell asleep right when we got there, so I stayed in the car. So it turned into a nice time for Daddy and the two big kids to spend together.

Zippy & JDBoy at Smith Rock

They hiked for quite awhile and got a nice view of this massive rock. They got to climb in a little cave.

Cave at Smith Rock

Why is it that hiking somewhere far from home is so much more fun than at home? It always is. Someday maybe we’ll learn how to be rock-climbers and go back! At least, that’s what JD Boy hopes.

JDBoy at Smith Rock

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