Well, I’ve been looking at some other blogs and I found a  write-up on one of them about keeping your children safe. So, I’ve tried to remove all of my children’s names from my blog as well as our last name. I hope I succeeded. I definitely want to keep my children safe. I’d be horrified if something happened to them. Can’t even imagine it! Anyway, since this is a blog open for public viewing, even though I don’t have tons of people visiting my blog everyday, I decided better safe-than-sorry.

So from now on my children are by order of their age referred to as Zippy, JDboy (short for John Deere Boy), and G’tums (until he grows out of that and can pick one for himself.)

And if you notice that I missed anything, I would appreciate your bringing it to my attention. Since pretty much everybody who sees my blog, knows my family, I’m sure that you too would hate to see my children endangered.

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